FinTech Case Studies By Segment

Case Studies (By Segment)

  • Wealth Management Case Studies:
  • Hedgeable, Acorns, Digit, Personal Capital
  • Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending
  • Case Study: Lending Club  
  • Point of Sale Credit. Case Study: Affirm  
  • Marketplace Lending. Case Study: Lendit  
  • Mortgages. Case Study: Lending Home
  • Blockchain Case Studies:
  • Ripple, DAO, R3
  • Crowdfunding Case Studies
  • Real Estate Financing Case Studies: Fundrise
  • Online VCs: OurCrowd, FundersClub
  • Insurance Technology Case Studies
  • Lemonade, Metromile, Oscar and Policygenius

Technology Adoption Challenges

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Trust Factors
  • Infrastructure & Middleware Requirements
  • Account Opening
  • Big Banks, Startups and Government Lobbying  
  • New Demographics
  • FinTech vs. Social, Mobile and Local (SoMoLo) boom. What’s unique?
  • Internet and Smartphone Access