Overview of FinTech Segments

Overview of FinTech Segments

Current FinTech Landscape as of Q2 2018

Introduction to broader segments within the FInTech industry

Digital Wealth Management (aka Robo Advisors)

  • Profitability analysis for a 0.25% revenue model
  • Key differentiators (Advisor Assisted Models vs. Self-Directed)

Alternative Financing -- Online Lending (P2P)

  • Discuss marketplaces vs. lenders
  • Understand the loan types issued
  • Deep dive into revenue drivers such as origination and servicing

Alternative Financing -- Equity Crowdfunding

  • Different platform types: Real Estate, CleanTech, Equity, Debt

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

  • Different currencies: bitcoin, ripple, ethereum  
  • Key definitions: smart contracts, blockchain

Insurance Technology (InsurTech)  

  • Comparison marketplaces, P2P and Usage Based Insurance (UBI)
  • Key definitions: UBI, Telematics, Real Time Underwriting

Overview of typical Business Models by segment

Comparison of Old vs. New Customer Journeys

Growth opportunities by FinTech segment