FinTech Overview

FinTech Definition & Historical Overview

  • Define Financial Technology otherwise known as FinTech
  • Development of the FinTech Industry in the U.S.
  • Business segments within financial institutions impacted by new technology
  • Historical industry development
  • Regional comparison across US, Europe and Asia

Key Figures

  • Investment trends over time since 2010
  • By Region
  • By FInTech Segment
  • Expected revenue impact to Financial Services
  • Global FinTech projections

Catalysts for Change

  • Demographics
  • Millennials are digitally native
  • Millennials will inherit trillions of dollars in the next two decades
  • 2008 Financial Crisis → Lack of Trust
  • Enabling Technology
  • Mobile Development→ Smartphone
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial APIs
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity, Biometrics
  • Fractional share ownership
  • New Financial Instruments

Why does it matter? Potential Impact

  • Financial Inclusion for 2Bn people
  • Revenue Impact-- every income statement item is under attack by startups